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Welcome to the official development & support site of Pimped-Fusion, a powerful open-source content management system (CMS). Pimped-Fusion is written in PHP and MySQL and includes a simple, comprehensive administration system. The most common features you would expect to see in many other CMS packages are included in Pimped-Fusion including...

  • Discussion Forum
  • Photo Galleries
  • Post News and Articles
  • Member Registration
  • Downloads
  • Multi-language support
  • Seo url-rewrite
  • a module system
  • plus many more.

Feel free to post any questions or report any problems in our community forums.

Please refer to the FAQ for answers to common questions.

Download Pimped-Fusion 0.09.03
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01-12-2011 19:28

das Ende
das EndeThis site will be shut down in January 2016.

Diese Website wird im Januar 2016 geschlossen.
Any new reports
BugsHi all.
How's your Pimped-Fusion Site running?
Did you discover any bugs, which are not fixed yet?
Please report them in forums.

Pimped-Fusion v0.09.03 Bug Fix Update
BugsHi, I just got notified that there is a bug in the registration form of Pimped-Fusion.

Full version and Update Package of Pimped Fusion v0.09.03 can be downloaded here.
Pimped-Fusion v0.09.02 Bug Fix Update
BugsHi today we released a service update of Pimped-Fusion!
In this version we fixed some minor bugs, which our users have reported.
Full version and Update Package of Pimped Fusion v0.09.02 can be downloaded here.

If we forgot to fix any bugs which you already have reported please post some comments in this news item.

Some information on next version "Commasy 0.10.00": In last weeks I made a lot of changes and also added some new features, but for the next 3-4 months I'll make a development break.

We wish you a happy new year!
New Name & Crew Site
NetworkHi, I have some information for you:
Our Crew decided to rename our CMS. The new name will be: Commasy.
We are not sure yet in which version we will intoduce the new name, but it may be that our next version 0.10.00 will already be named "Commasy".

We have also opened a Site for our Dev & Crew Stuff. All interested people may register there: Go here
You can report any bugs or do any code suggestions there.
Pimped-Fusion v0.09.01 Bug Fix Update
BugsHi today we released a service update of Pimped-Fusion!
In this version we fixed some bugs, which our users have reported. In this version there are no new features added.

Full version and Update Package of Pimped Fusion v0.09.01 can be downloaded here.

Suggestions and Feedback are appreciated.

Pimped-Fusion v0.09.00 released
NewsHi all!
Today we released a new version of Pimped-Fusion! In this version we made a lot of changes and improvements, and we also added some nice new features. You can see all the changes in the Extended News.
You can download the new version 0.09.00 here: Download



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Hey when will that be a new version out? Smile

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21/07/2012 22:13
Tja, schade das Pimped-Fusion tot ist. Ich habs ja kommen sehen... Angry

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